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Ours starts over 30 years ago when Gregory Chase was growing up in rural Arkansas. Beauty was the way he related to and connected with his mother. Through her eyes, he came to understand the basic foundation of what makes a person feel and look their best. 

It wasn’t until an unexpected move to Boston in 2013 that Gregory felt able to explore this passion. The energy and progressive nature of the city compelled him to enroll at the Empire Beauty School. The connection he established with his mother so many years earlier came full circle. 

Following graduation, Gregory apprenticed at top salons in Boston, learning from the city’s most celebrated artisans. He quickly gained a following and in 2016 launched The Elsewhere salon. What began as a two-chair tiny powerhouse quickly expanded into the eight-chair salon today in Boston’s vibrant South End neighborhood. 

Inclusion, creativity, daring and skill are the cornerstones of Elsewhere. With a team of creative artisans, Elsewhere has been celebrated and recognized for their work in local and national publications and through countless awards. 

At Elsewhere, you truly are at a special place; one that transcends the typical definition of a hair salon and, instead, becomes an experience.


We are proud of our team and the skill and talent they represent. We are a salon of seasoned professionals and fresh talent. We hail from many different locales and walks of life. Don’t feel shy about trying a new stylist, we operate as a family here.